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Press Note, Swaraj Abhiyan, 27-Nov-2016

Swaraj India
Press Release 
- Swaraj India will not participate in the “Akrosh Diwas” arranged by opportunistic alliance of opposition parties

- Through the dodge of demonetisation, the Government is deliberately misguiding the battle against black money

- Till 30th December, the general public should be spared the pains and pangs of the unplanned and unprepared demonetisation announcement

- People now have prepare to wage the real war against black money   
The shadow boxing between the Government and the Opposition on the demonetization issue exposes the prevalent character of our politics. Everyday, the BJP Government is coining new rules, making false claims, trying to hide the distress of common people caused by demonetization and running away from open debate in Parliament. On the pretext of demonetisation, the Government is misguiding and misdirecting the war against black money.  On the other hand, under the guise of fighting for people’s suffering, opposition parties are forming opportunistic alliances for their own political ends.  Seeing that some step is being taken against black money, despite facing hardships, people are standing in support of demonetisation. However, in the din and clamor being raised by the Government and the Opposition for and against demonetisation, they are suppressing the real issues in the battle against black money. The "Akrosh Diwas' proposed on Monday by the Opposition parties is a part of the same effort to divert attention from the real issues. While maintain distance and steering clear of these type of hypocrisies, Swaraj India is committed to continue the real struggle against black money.  
When the Prime Minister suddenly announced demonetization on 8th November, the common people had welcomed the move as they felt that at last a government was taking a strong step against black money. In the past three weeks, common people have faced all kinds of trouble, sufferings and trauma. From standing in endless lines and still returning home empty-handed, being unable to use one’s own money, being unable to purchase everyday items despite having money, failing to make arrangements for weddings or illnesses, not being able to find wage opportunity and therefore losing daily wage and returning home by migrant workers and not being able to buy seeds and fertilizers for upcoming farming season by farmers, the general public has endured all this and much more in the past 20 days. Some 80 persons have reportedly died, no one knows in how many homes for how many days there has been no food and an incalculable number of people have lost livelihood. Despite all this, people have been patient in the belief that their suffering will bring an end to the national ailment of black money.
In the past 20 days, the people have also realized that demonetisation is only a make-belief cure for the ailment of black money. The Government does not intend to stop black money. The Government did not prepare enough before taking such a big step. Neither enough notes were printed, nor were the ATMs recalibrated and prepared. The government completely failed to understand the trouble that farmers, labourers and small traders would have to face. While people found themselves standing in queues, they saw that the rich and mighty had made alternative arrangements. People now know that demonetization will impact only a small portion of black money. Several economists are of the view that demonetisation will yield a very small benefit compared to the huge loss it will cause to the economy. Yet, people are so fed-up that any small or big step to get rid of black money is receiving public support.
Therefore, the “Akrosh Diwas” announced by the Opposition is not receiving public support. Both the Government’s arrogance and the Opposition’s hypocrisy stand exposed. People doubt the intensions of both the Congress and the regional parties that are criticizing the demonetization move. It is public knowledge that Congress was involved in the biggest scams in the country and that the regional parties are part of the black-money practices and their criticism lacks credibility. When parties that were till recently calling each other thieves, unite, people see such union as an attempt to protect their own black money. People are also seeing senseless opposition for the sake of opposition and that these parties have not proposed any meaningful solution to stop black money.
Swaraj India opposes all such efforts to mislead people. Swaraj India has already demanded that instead of announcing new amendments and concessions every day, the Government should permit the use of demonetized notes till 31st December. We also appeal to the Opposition to cooperate with the Government in implementing demonetisation and to create a nation-wide conducive environment for taking real steps against black money.
Swaraj India has stayed away from this shadow boxing on demonetisation and has been drawing public attention towards concrete steps to curb black money. We demand that along with the demonetization move, the Government should announce the following measures:
1. A robust system to identify and confiscate the black money that is stashed in the form of benami properties, shares and gold. 

2. A ban on “tax havens” like Mauritius and P-Notes that are used to convert black money into white money.

3. For stopping use of black money in politics, political parties should be brought under ambit of RTI; BJP and all political parties should be made to disclose all details of cash donations; and Congress and BJP should be penalized for accepting foreign donations.

4. In the current session of Parliament, the conspiracy to make the anti-corruption laws ineffective should be stopped by consensus of all political parties.

5. For independent inquiry into corruption in high offices, appointment to the posts of Lokpal, which has remained vacant for past two and half years, should be done immediately.

6. All black money recovered from the demonetisation exercise should be utilized for social security expenditure for creating assured income for farmers and unorganized labour.

Five years ago, the country saw an unprecedented mass movement against corruption and black money. The need of the hour is to rekindle the spirit of that movement among people and to start a mass movement against black money and corruption. Being a progeny of that unprecedented mass movement, Swaraj India resolves to oppose this make-belief and hypocritical demonetisation and to continue the real war against black money and corruption.